Cybersecurity career, a passion become true!

“Dreams don’t work until you do “ ~ google images :)

Everything started when I got holidays for the pandemic. My friend recommended me to watch a series called Mr.Robot. I am a person who doesn’t like sitting for a long time and binge-watching series ( I know it’s weird ). But when I started watching this series, I was mind blown seeing the protagonists act and how real the hacking looked. Everyone likes hacking into computers :). But the actor in that series had a medical issue that helped him discover vulnerabilities. I did not have medical issues to start hacking immediately. But that day, it made me realize that my interest lies in cybersecurity.

I started to see videos that took me nowhere but into a bottomless pit of confusion! I slowly started to surf the net on ethical hacking. There were prerequisites to learning it, which lead made me disappointed. Networking and Linux were one of them. So I started to learn about basic networking, a never-ending topic! Then my dad helped me with the Linux commands. I was pretty impressed with it. But looking back, this took me two months to complete the entire thing.

Now that I am ready to start the journey, I saw this course by IBM. Completing and passing the exam was a hectic task, but it enlightened me on cybersecurity and the career I could pursue.

Me and my friend started to watch the videos on the CyberMentor’s channel. It was tough to cope up with the technical jargon, but I managed that phase somehow. I learned quite a few things related to network pen-testing. I made my YouTube channel for ethical hacking and learned how to speak confidently.

Learn what you like. It helps you to learn a lot quicker. Passion is what drives you to the never-ending path of learning. I hope I have inspired you enough to start your career in cybersecurity :). It is often said, “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in the war.”


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