How to get Bluetooth working in Kali or Ubuntu (Restarting services or downloading drivers doesn’t work ? follow this!)

So I have found a lot of blogs and forums where they tell us to start or restart services and download drivers. I did all that but apparently, nothing worked. Yesterday while solving another issue in my machine, surprisingly I got my Bluetooth working. So I’ll share it here. Probably this might work for you!

First, we need to change a value inside the grub file. For doing this we need root access to write the file. follow this

sudo nano /etc/default/grub

Next, we need to update the following variable “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT”. We need to add apci=off inside the double quotes

Now in the terminal, we type the following command to update our grub.

sudo update-grub

Then restart the computer. I saw a lot of changes in boot timing as well. It reduced drastically. Next, after coming back to your machine. Do type the following in the terminal

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth

Now we need to check the status.

/etc/init.d/bluetooth status

Bluetooth has been enabled. Now go to your setting to see the Bluetooth adapter working properly.

Disadvantages of acpi=off

I noticed a disadvantage when acpi is switched off. I couldn't use the restart option. But otherwise its all working perfectly. If you find any problems after acpi=off , remove and update-grub again. Everything will come back to normal.

I hope it solved the issues and you can enjoy using wireless headphones/earphones to enjoy your music!

Goodbye :)

Computer Science Student @ SASTRA deemed to be University .